BigBakingBook is the premier supply and service directory for the baking industry hosting over 1500 organizations. It is a public service of the American Society of Baking with proceeds used to fund industry scholarships and promote the Grains Food Foundation.

BigBakingBook offers the ultimate flexibility and control for participating companies and anyone in the internet community searching for baking supplies, products, and/or services. The BigBakingBook is open to anyone.

Services available with BigBakingBook:

  • search by keyword or category through all of the purveyors and products listed with this service
  • search for Industry Experts by keyword
  • locate U.S. Wholesale Baking Companies by city, state, products
  • participate in the Market Place: the Baking Industry’s online forum for exchanging information for problem solving and technical discussion

Professional purveyors of baking equipment, supplies, and/or services may list with the BigBakingBook. For a small fee, companies may advertise on this site. Companies may also choose to purchase Banner ads for this site, which increase consumer awareness and provide another direct link to their company’s website. By participating in the BigBakingBook, companies maximize their advertising dollars by targeting users of this industry-specific service.

Companies participating in the BigBakingBook have full control over their product and service listings, and display details for their company through Member Services, which is UserID/Password protected.

Users of the BigBakingBook Expert Search capability, may search by keyword through the public profiles of all ASB Members.